How Far Can You Run?____________ Spring Edition April 12 -13

***NEW FOR 2014****

Wild Sebastian Race Weekend

A Kids "Marathon"
     This weekend will celebrate the end of A FLOC's Kids Run the Nation Program.  The kids will run twice a week leading up to the Wild Sebastian Trail Weekend and this event will be that last 1.2 miles to reach  the 26.2 miles distance.   A FLOC will also provide a form for kids to participate in the event even if they aren't in the after school program.

10 K Trail Run and 1/2 Marathon
     It takes a lot to commit to running an ultra but Mike and I have been approached and asked if we would consider adding a shorter distance for folks to start working up to longer trail runs.  So here it is, our Wild Sebastian 10K and 1/2 Marathon Trail run, so get training and work your way up to an Ultra!! 

     The 10 K Trail run will start Saturday at 8 am running from Start Finish along trails to Aid Station 5 and back to Start Finish.  This route has almost No sugar sand but is still a challenging trail-- NO CUT OFF TIME- anyone can finish this with an easy walking pace. 

     1/2  Marathon starts at 7 am Sunday and will run on the eastern side of the course from Start/ Finish to AS 1 then AS 5 and back to Start/ Finish.  Additional water stations will be placed on the course in between Aid Stations and Start Finish.  Cut Off Time is 8 hours. 

26.2 Trail Marathon
     The first loop of the Ultra Run course will now be a marathon and not "just" a 25 Mile run.  Mike will set the course so runners will complete a full marathon on the first loop.

Scrub Jay Challenge
     After running the 10K on Saturday come back and run the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday

Hawk Challenge
     Go a bit further by combining the Trail Marathon on Saturday and the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday for an Ultra Distance Weekend

Eagle Challenge
     50 Miles on Saturday and 13.1 on Sunday is our Eagle Challenge for those who want to push themselves but are not quiet ready for the 100 Miles!

     A FLOC's mission is to get people outdoors and in keeping with that mission we are adding this Family Award to the largest Family group competing this weekend.  Example:  Mom running the 100 Mile, Dad finishing the 50 Mile, Daughter in the 1/2 marathon, Sons in the Kids Marathon, Aunt competing the 10K and Grandpa walking the 26.2.

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We will be hard at work making sure these events live up to our Wild Sebastian Ultra Weekend standard. Then get out and train- and will see you in April!